September 16th & 17th, 2004 - 8:30 PM • Los Angeles • REDCAT
September 19th, 2004 - 10:00 PM • Portland • TBA Festival
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“The Tale of the Floating World”

"The Tale of the Floating World" is an animated film first presented in 2001 with the original 5.1 soundtrack, by Alain Escalle (visuals) and Cécile Le Prado (composer). The film was an official selection of the Grand Prix IMAGINA 2002 and the CÉSARS 2003 of French cinema. It is composed of real characters filmed in Japan and a mixture of new and traditional animation techniques (Film, video, photographic, illustration and computer-generated images). An evocative and surrealistic view of Japan and the atomic bomb. An imaginary story, both cruel and childlike. The dark visions, light, calm, even agitated by the strange fantasy of a mutated world.

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Cécile Le Prado

Born in 1956, Cécile studied music and electroacoustic composition at the conservatory of Nantes (France). She has worked at INA-GRM and at Ircam, among other places. She has composed music for choreography as well as films by Robert Cahen, Christian Boustani, Jean-Christophe Ballot... In 1996 at the animation festival Imagina, she won the best soundtrack award, for "Bruges" by Christian Boustani. In addition to numerous acousmatic pieces and compositions for radio broadcasting, Cécile has extensively studied architecture and soundscapes. She has created sound installations in many places, including "Le Passeur", at the parc de La Villette in Paris and the parc de l'Orangerie in Nice, as part of the Manca festival. In 1996, she created the installation "Le Triangle d'incertitude", which premiered at the Quartz in Brest (France), and then presented at La Grande Halle de la Villette et in Ircam in Paris (CD collection Ircam 005). Cécile's composition is a musical work, a metaphor of real soundscapes, both a pretext and the starting point of an inner journey. She suggests multi-scapes and border-sounds, to be explored.

Alain Escalle
Born in 1967 in the south of France, Alain studied Applied Arts at Nimes and Cinema, and video at Toulouse from 1983 to 1989. A Director and digital creator since 1991, he develops a visual and graphic style using moving pictures and new technologies like software such as Inferno* ( Discreet logic ) and, earlier, the Henry & Harry ( Quantel ). Following his first film, "D'apres le naufrage" ( From the shipwreck)", and after many trips to Japan, he completed his project about a far away oriental culture: "Le conte du monde flottant (The tale of the floating world)." It was an official selection of the Grand Prix IMAGINA 2002 and the CÉSARS 2003 of French cinema. Alain has also directed "Fontevraud, the soul and the stone", a digital high resolution film permanently showing at the Royal Abbaye of Fontevraud. As a graphic designer, he has collaborated on many opening credits for TV programs, video installations, shorts and video art films. His personal research has often been broadcast on Arte, Canal+, and NHK Japan and has won many prizes in international festivals (FCMM, Imagina, Nicograph, ARS Electronica, Monitors Awards, Locarno, etc...). This pictorial quest bridging traditional cinema and animation has given him the opportunity to work with other directors on several projects such as the commercials "NTT GROUP" (dir: Kenya Tauchi) and "Mirage unlimited" (co-directed with Maurice Benayoun) or "Cities of the past: BRUGGES" and "A Viagem" (dir: Christian Boustani, EXPO'98 in Lisbon).