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September 19th, 2004 - 10:00 PM • Portland • TBA Festival
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“Crash Test”
- by Pierre-Yves Macé

Pierre-Yves Macé’s “Crash-Test” is a piece for acoustical instruments (piano, trumpet, oboe and cello) and a speaker array, that was commissioned by the French festival Octobre en Normandie in 2003.

Pierre Yves-Macé
Born in 1980, Pierre began his career as an improvisational artist, playing in jazz-rock progressive bands. Classically-trained, he has composed electronic music for theater, dance and the martial arts. He has also been an accompanist for dance classes. Faux-Jumeaux, his first CD release, on the Tzadik label, brings the aesthetics of French romanticism into a head-on collision with sampling technology, electroacoustic and minimalism. A lyrical, adventurous mix of styles and sounds, this is an astounding debut recording by a strange and wonderful new musical mind. Pierre-Yves was featured in the MIMI festival (Marseille, France) in July 2003 and in the “Octobre en Normandie” festival (France) in October 2003.