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 A tiny, esoteric outdoor festival of experimental
 music and visual spectacles.




September 22, 2007
Glen Alba Gardens
12250 Alba Road
Ben Lomond, California 95005

A 21st-century multimedia folk music extravaganza.

A sanctuary for those obsessed with experimental sonic
and visual phenomena.

• Over 15 performances chosen from artists all over the world

• Compositions that use traditional instruments such as saxophone, Javanese and Balinese gamelan, as wells as drums, electronic instruments, MIDI controllers, and original software-based instruments that generate sounds from various sources.

• Special guest performance by Rick Walker, an eclectic multi-instrumentalist who specializes in digital live looping and found sound.

Live visuals will be projected throughout the evening, providing a captivating visual component to all of the performances.

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History of Woodstockhausen

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For a complete story of our ill-fated, waterlogged 2007 show, go to the 2007 Show page.

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